Dance Taster Introductory Dance Experiences

Dancing is inextricably linked with life's happier moments.

What a great way to get started and then continue to enjoy dancing together .... forever!

Ideal for first-time dancers, this opportunity is a standard group fun class (Dance Taster) or a series of classes (Club Class) and may be followed, where available, with a chance to dance. A good experience is always made even better when you share it with someone special. So, these experiences are for two people.

  • Zumba - fitness fun Latino style
  • Ballroom Dancing - strictly fun on the dance floor
  • Salsa - South America's sassiest export
  • Tango - the ultimate dance of man and woman
  • Belly Dancing - unveil a sense of the exotic
Dance Tasters for Two 
Club Class 3 - series of three classes 
Club Class 5 - series of five classes 
Club Class 10 - series of ten classes 

Dance Matrix Belly Dancing

Unveil the exquisite beauty, mystery and magic of North Africa and the Near East with this sensual and soul entrancing experience.

Club Class 3 
Series of three classes 

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