Your first dance should be one of
the highlights of your special day

It may be something you're really looking forward to or it maybe something that one or both of you is possibly dreading, but either way, being prepared for it is always the best option.

The partnership of dance and music is unique to each couple. There are no rules, no rights or wrongs. Whether your aim is as simple as staying upright on the dance floor and not tripping over your own feet or whether you favour an all out leaping from the rafters (we wouldn't recommend that bit!) show time spectacular, your dance is as individual as you are and should be something that you are comfortable with. At every stage, we'll work with you to achieve that aim.

We appreciate that you probably don't want to have to travel too far either for your dance lessons but we've hundreds of locations across the UK and are quietly confident of being able to offer you a location somewhere close to you.

In the busy months leading up to your wedding you'll no doubt find it helpful that we can be flexible with our lesson times too. We'll do our best to fit in around your work and other commitments, with evening, daytime and weekend lessons.

Some of our dance teachers are UK or world ranked champions, we've some celebrities that you'll have seen on television, others are highly respected choreographers, or authors of books on dancing, but what you'll probably most like to know, is that importantly, all of our dance teachers are nice friendly people,

We'll offer you professional but gentle tuition in a stress free fun way.

As soon as you'd like to, please contact us.The Wedding Dance People, where you can speak to one of our qualified dance teachers. You can pick our brains, ask our advice or just tell us what you want. Then when you're ready to start, we'll introduce you to your dance teacher, at the location of your choice.

It's only the first step you need to take on your own - call us on 020 8991 1122, the next steps are the ones we'll be helping you with.

The Wedding Dance People - it's what we do!